Unexpected financial uphealvals cause customers unable to make “Buy now, Pay later” payments punctually for HENO.

Don't worry, we understand and the HENO Customer Support team is always here to help.

How are financial uphealvals understood?

A financial uphealvals occurs when you feel unable to make payments for HENO on time due to an unexpected impact or event in your life. It may be due to a personal difficulty or another event. However, with our help and support, HENO believes you will get through the financial crisis quickly.

Common events that contribute to financial hardship include:

  • Injury, sickness
  • Prioritize emergencies or disasters
  • Changes in personal income or expenses; employment status
  • Unexpected events in marital and family life.

HENO helps you get through a Financial Crisis

HENO's Customer Support team always understands your personal situation and advises you to proper and effective solutions to help you overcome financial troubles.

We understand everyone's situation is different, so we evaluate financial events based on the extent, the basis, the circumstance of each case.

The nature of HENO's periodic payments is very small, so the most common temporary solutions are Defer Payments until you are stable again, or Deferred Payment Free

HENO always values and supports customers, true to the Core Values of a reliable payment solution.

All support requests will be handled most efficiently when we work together to find a solution.

You need help?

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